Only You

Only you can free yourself~~

From eyes covered by illusions~~

From chains made of lies~~

From a mind captured by fear~~

From shadows hiding your divine light~~




Solblänkta Vidder

Himlen är mitt tak~~

Jorden mitt golv~~

Sjön är min spegel~~

Vinden min sång~~

Vilar så stilla~~

I solblänkta vidder~~

Lyssnar till stillheten~~


I Grönskans Rike

Bäcken porlar~~

Bland ståtliga stammar~~

I grönskans rike~~

Finns trygga hamnar~~

Solen stiger~~

På molnfri himmel~~

Göken kallar~~

I försommarnatt~~


River Deep

Sitting by the river~~

Close to the fireside~~

Listening to the wind~~

Thinking of you~~

Mountains high~~

River deep~~

Wild nature~~

Feelings of peace~~


Our True Spirit

Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on

Sometimes we all need a helping hand

The darkness can scare but also unfold us

So lets believe in love and forget the past

See our true spirit rise at last


Tears of Love

I can still feel the magic
Of your soft tender touch
I can still hear your voice
Calling my name
I can still see the signs
From a long time ago
Through the tears in my eyes
Tears of love
Falling again
One by one

Tears of love

Wind of Silence…

Wind of Silence…

Listen to the wind of silence~~

Follow your deepest beliefs~~

Your great your worthy~~

Of so much more~~

then your eyes can see~~