Längtans flydda tider

Hej alla läsarvänner 🙂 min nya bok Längtans flydda tider är klar!  
Denna bok innehåller naturnära och visionär poesi samt nostalgi från svunna tider. Texterna kan ofta härledas till Västerbottens vackra omgivningar mellan fjäll och hav.
Längtans flydda tider speglar minnen samt en längtan som hämtar sin näring i det jordnära och prövar sina vingar i rymder utan slut. Här kommer ett smakprov ur boken:

Gula näckrosor

Pryder viken

Ekans åror

Styr vår färd

Luften är fylld

Av fågelsång

Frihetens vågor


Skymningsljusets magi

Båthuset väntar

Vid stenprydd strand




Vårbäcken porlar

Isen river~~
Vårbäcken porlar~~
Vindarna torkar~~
Vinterns tårar~~
Strömstaren sjunger~~
Sommarens visa~~
Örnen svävar~~
Mot molnfri sky~~

DickScott 15/4 2019

Light a candle for Christchurch in New Zealand

Light a candle~~Say a prayer

For all the innocent victims~~In the dark shadow

Of cruelty and pain

Raise your head~~Stand together

Remind yourself of this word

When the final day arrive~~All tears will be dried

Every wound will heal~~Your prayers are already heard

DickScott 15/3 2019

Light in my hands

On wings of tomorrow

On wings of tomorrow~~
With dreams of today~~
On a magic journey~~
Our true life will begin~~
Please dont be afraid~~
When the wolfes are howling~~
Dont be discouraged~~
When the darkness are falling~~
Rest in the peace and the knowing~~
That all you ever need~~
Was given from birth~~
When Gods spirit gave you life~~
We are heaven sent to this earth~~
Every moment~~
He hold you as tender and close~~
As the waves~~
The sea~~
DickScott© 23/2 2019


Sometimes i wonder~~
Sometimes i see~~
The wonderful sky~~
As a piece of me~~
Sometimes im lost~~
Sometimes im free~~
Looking behind the curtain~~
Unfolding the truth~~
What we are meant to be~~
At times i cry~~
Lost in the deep~~
Living in an illusion~~
Sailing alone~~
On a stormy sea~~
Each tear~~
Dries in the wind~~
That fills my sails~~
Lifting my wings~~
To where i want to be~~

We are one

Let your life flow~~
Free like a beautiful waterfall~~
Let your love heal~~
Who ever you meet~~
In body and soul~~
Let your mind speak~~
Untold words~~
Of wisdom and peace~~
Because the cruelty in this world~~
Make a rain of tears~~
That fills every sea~~
When your true light shine from within~~
No shadow can fall on our path~~
We will overcome every fear together~~
Hand in hand~~
Side by side~~
We are one~~
We are all~~

DickScott 25/10 2018

Cherish this moment

Every star
Are meant
To shine on your path
Every tear
Will be wiped away
Your wings are unfolding
Your power are unbroken
Stay in this moment
Cherish this day

DickScott 21/9 2018