Shift to a higher vibration

“Isn´t it about time to stop fighting what is and start loving everything; every circumstance that seems annoying, everyone that frustrates you. Thats not to give up and forsake; thats to take real responsibility for how you affect your world instead of fooling yourself to believe that your a victim. Your only a victim of your own unwillingness to be who you really are; the love and light of your world creating every aspect of it on a subconsciousness level but also furthermore on a consciousness lever as you shift to a higher vibration which is exactly what love is all about. And that shift will unfold all you ever dreamed of here and now.”


Watch the Sky

So wonderful to watch the sky~~
When dawn is changing to twilight~~
When the sun cover our soared souls~~
As we lay down to rest~~

Happy New Year

 Catch the moments~~

   Follow your dreams~~  


 Aint like it seems~~  

Theres endless love~~

Waiting for you~~

Every dream you got~~  

Is meant to come true~~  

DickScott© 2016



Vinande vind över frusen sjö
Karga klippor kläder vår ö
Ett skri från en ensam fågel på drift
Vingslag från den sommar vi mist
Kall är natten stjärnklar blå
Vet du vad jag önskar då
Måne du nattens vän
Hjälp mig drömma mig bort igen
Lågor som dansar i horisonten
Värme för en frusen själ
Ekon av röster skratt och stoj
Gryningen vilar vid min sida
DickScott© 2016
Måne Dick Scott


Hold your head high and believe~~
Theres always a new blessing for you to receive~~
Your never forgotten~~
Your never alone~~
The stars in the sky~~
Speaks to your soul~~




Stjärnbeströdda Ängar

Över stjärnbeströdda ängar~~
Skall vi vandra hand i hand~~
Ledda av ett ljus~~
Från fjärran flydda land~~
Under solstänkta skyars~~
Eviga dag~~
Förs vi till den himmel~~
Som vi redan bar~~