Things Women Wish They Had Known Prior To Marriage

Saturdays article Things Women Wish They Had Known Prior To Marriage is adressed to both men and women. We may have a tendency to rush into things without considering every aspect of it especially when it comes down to love. Love is a very special thing that dont leave so much time for  thinking and in a way its right. Love has to do with our heart and our mind cant control it. Thats why its so contradictory and really test our ability to accept both our partners strong and weak sides. If our marriage shall last we  have to discover those sides prior to our marriage promise. If you are in a marriage i wish you all the best because love is whats life is about and when we find our twin soul its worth everything.

Have a lovely weekend;)

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It’s disheartening to look at the sad statistics these days when it comes to the divorce rate compared with the number of actual successful marriages. So many women jump into marriage only to lament later in those same marriages that there are so many things they wished they had known before they said I do. This is true even of the women that married after living with their partner for a significant amount of time. It seems that even knowing your husband-to-be as much as you can from living with him still isn’t enough.

Things women wish they had known before walking down the aisle include:
What being married is truly like: Too many women buy into the hype perpetuated by the media that marriage is a fairy tale with a happy ending. This can even happen to intelligent and highly intelligent women. Too late, they realize that they’ve entered into something far more serious than a fairy tale.
Being more acquainted with themselves: Too many women get married before they really understand who they are. That’s not helpful when they suddenly have to take on the added task of understanding another person that’s a big part of their lives.


Taking a little more time before getting married: These are the women that felt pressured into getting married before they were completely ready. They may find they’re not even in love with the person they married.
Know their future in laws a bit better: Some women are blindsided by how much their husbands are influenced by his own parents’ view of marriage and what it should be like. That’s not always a good situation for a marriage.
Bad behavior can only get worse: This is common among the women that always made excuses for the bad behavior of their future husbands prior to marrying them. Surprisingly, they couldn’t believe that they were unable to change this behavior once they got married.

My BannerNeed to know more about money: Many women are astounded that they are so capable at handling money when it’s forced on them. Other women realize that have made themselves dependent by not taking an active part in handling the finances jointly. Women should always know what’s going on with finances in their marriage.

What it takes to make a marriage succeed: There’s no real answer to this one. In fact, what works for one family may not work for another one. This is something that all couples must puzzle out for themselves. It’s more a matter of trial and error. If one thing doesn’t work, then something else can be tried.
Granted, knowing the answers to all of the above won’t guarantee a successful and happy marriage. However, it’s very possible that being more familiar with them will give you an edge that others don’t have. The biggest rule when it comes to having a good marriage is to never ignore any doubts that you may have. If you don’t feel one hundred percent that you’re ready to get married, then don’t, and don’t let anyone else talk you into it before you’re ready. If you are in a marriage and struggle  there are things worth trying that has helped over 50 000 people all over the world to make up instead of break up. Here is what some of them has to say:

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You Will Love Again

Todays article You Will Love Again is especially for those of you who has broken up from a relationship. I can trully say that you should be grateful for the time you have had together  and count the blessings you´ve shared. That may not be the direct feeling after a breakup but believe me when the storm is over its better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.

Blessings to all you good people!!

Dick Scott

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When a relationship ends, and especially if it ends badly, you may feel like there will never be anyone else in your life again that you’ll love, or even WANT to love. Depending on the reasons for the relationship ending, you may simply feel that you don’t want to ever be in another romantic relationship again. The pain may feel as if it’s just too much to bear and nothing something that you want to experience again. That’s all very understandable at first. However, there are other things you need to consider before you decide to enter a convent.

Yes, breaking up with someone that you love IS hard and it does hurt a lot. Be glad that you can feel the pain because, otherwise, you would be considered as unfeeling. So, as awful and strange as it may sound, you need to celebrate the fact that you’re hurting. That means that you can go through the grieving process and come out on the other side of it feeling healed and more confident about moving forward in your life.


My BannerThe worst thing you can possibly do at the end of a relationship is to vow that you’ll never love anyone again. While it may not be realistic for you to immediately jump into a rebound relationship, you certainly shouldn’t assume that you’ll never experience love in your life again. Instead, you need to go through the healing process from your current broken relationship so that you can recover. Then, you’ll be able to see a bit more clearly in the area of future relationships.


Something you’ll want to do while healing from your breakup is to look back and see if you can pinpoint what happened to cause the end. Was it something that you did or did not do? That’s not to say that the blame was all on you because, except in the cases of cheating, it usually takes two people to break up a relationship. So whatever you did to contribute to the ending of it, you can be pretty sure that your partner also played his part. This is just helpful in learning what to avoid or to add to your next relationship in order to give it more of a chance to succeed.


It’s important that you never assume that because one relationship went on the fritz, you won’t be able to ever love anyone as much as you did that person. That’s simply not true unless you decide to FORCE it to be true. If that’s the road you choose to take, you’re only hurting yourself and ensuring that you’ll spend the rest of your life alone and lonely. No one is truly THAT perfect that he cannot be replaced by someone even better. All you have to do is open up your eyes and look around to notice it.

Therefore, when a relationship ends, understand that, for whatever reason, it simply wasn’t meant to be. Experience healing and look at what could have been done differently. File this information away somewhere that you can access it when you need to and then move ahead. If you are in a situation regarding to breaking up or making up there is a man that sure can help you. He has wrote the top rated product The Magic Of Making Up.

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Getting A Guy To Kiss You

Getting A Guy To Kiss You is easier then you think if you just give a little hint in the right direction. We love to express our love by kissing each other but often hesitate to take that first step. If we are to fast we may scare those who need and want some more time. Dont forget that a hug also is a good way to show our love. I am sure you will feel when its the right time to kiss each other because its a strong and a great feeling thats often shared by both of you emanating from your soul community.

So i send love and kisses to you; )

Dick Scott

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One of the most exciting events is that first kiss with a new guy that you really like. You would think that it would be one of the easiest things that would ever happen to you but, believe it or not, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get that kiss you want. There are ways to make it happen, though, even if you’ve started to give up.

Remember that many guys are painfully shy and don’t want to risk rejection. Because of this, they won’t make the effort to kiss you even though they really do want to. However, you can do some things that will let your shy guy know that you want him to kiss you more than anything else in your life at that moment.


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One of these things is continual light touching throughout your conversation. Don’t grab him or anything like that. Just lightly touch his arm, or his knee, if you’re sitting down. His hands are another encouraging place to touch him. What you’re doing is creating a cozy and friendly environment that will help him to understand that it’s perfectly fine if he kisses you.
Another thing that works often is to lean in and smile while looking directly into his eyes during a conversation. Now, don’t make it obvious what you’re doing, but let him understand that you do find him attractive and are drawn to him. He should get the message if your smile is sexy enough.


You may just have to drop some pretty strong hints with some guys. What sort of hints you use and how you communicate them will be up to you. Only you know the type of guy you’re with and what will work rather than scare him off. Just do what feels right.

Try working it into a conversation. For instance, ask him what sort of things he likes about you. That should lead him to asking you what things about him you find attractive. When he does this, it’s your cue to work in something about what a sexy and kissable mouth he has. He might just get what you’re saying.
There’s also the “Oh, I’m kind of chilly.” Move in closer to him and, hopefully, he’s considerate enough to offer you his jacket, if he’s wearing one. That gives you the perfect chance to have your face close enough to his that a kiss could easily happen. If he doesn’t offer you his jacket, or he’s not wearing one, continue to rub your arms up and down and move closer to him.


My BannerOf course, there’s always just taking the initiative and kissing him. Some guys just won’t do it the first time until they’re 100 percent positive that you’re not going to shoot him down. The only way that they’re going to be positive is if you kiss them. So, you’re just going to have to take the bull by the horn and do it. In that way, you’ll both know what that kiss may mean.


Thanx for reading and have a lovely day with hugs and kisses;)

Dick Scott

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Sometimes A Little White Lie Is Best

I hope you are feeling well this wednesday, here in Sweden we have a temperature that remains of spring but the winter has not really begun yet. It could be nice with some snow in the christmas month december, white as the white lies todays article is about:) First and foremost im not fond of lies but as a friend of mine said; its not a lie its a modification of the truth and the truth can have many faces. Regarding when your spouse ask for your advice about choosing clothes i think most women are pretty sure of what to wear but surely will be happy for a compliment. Read on and choose your words carefully when giving advice.

To Your Success in Love and Life

Dick Scott

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You know those little moments in time where a guy’s girlfriend or wife is modeling new jeans and she turns to him and says, “Do these make my butt look fat?” Most guys in this situation tend to look very similar to a deer caught in the headlights when you see the expression on their faces. They know that no matter what they say it’s not going to be the right answer unless they can answer in the negative with a convincing tone. These are times when you really need to think quickly and seriously before delivering your answer. This can be true of women with sensitive male partners as well.


Now, before you answer questions such as these, you need to evaluate your situation well ahead of time in anticipation of these questions that are potential land mines for your relationship. Decide just how much honesty your partner can handle. This is the first question that you must answer especially when it becomes clear that you’ll have to face those questions in the future.


Something to remember is that in many situations, telling a little white lie is the best and safest policy. However, you must assess each situation individually before delivering your answer. Sometimes you simply must tell a version of the truth. For instance, if your lady is trying to go out of the house in an outfit that would do justice to the hooker downtown on the street corner, you simply can’t let her go out and embarrass herself that way. Be kind when you present other clothing choices to her and tell her something along the lines of how much you adore seeing her in the outfit that YOU picked out. Nothing should get you further than flattery.

At other times, you may just be forced to tell something that’s not quite true in order to avoid hurting your beloved’s feelings, or putting yourself in the doghouse. Under the circumstances, it’s better to tell her that no, those jeans don’t make her butt look big, or tell him that his hair doesn’t look silly all spiked up and gelled like that. Now, when you go out, if there are some side glances or not so discreet giggles, simply say that you have no idea what they could be staring at because you find your partner absolutely adorable. THERE’S your little white lie.


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Simply put, the basic rule about telling little white lies is this: As long as your partner isn’t going to be seen in public in a way that will get them ridiculed and made fun of to a huge degree, let it go. If your partner is happy about something regarding their looks, as long as it won’t be permanent and won’t be TOTALLY ridiculous, agree that it looks nice. These are the types of little white lies that don’t hurt anyone and usually won’t get you busted. Simply agree with your partner and hope that the phase passes.


Thanx for reading and make this day one of your best;)

Dick Scott

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Ways Women Destroy Their Relationships

Greetings to all you good people! Todays article Ways Women Destroy Their Relationships may seem a little offensive if you think only women can destroy their relationship. I think we are all sometimes part of a destructive pattern in our life and our relationship. I also believe that most of these patterns has to  do with the past and even goes back to events in our childhood.

Light&Love to all of you;)

Dick Scott

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Women seem to be more invested in keeping their relationships together than men do, for the most part. However, on the other hand, they also tend to unknowingly destroy their relationships in some very simple and silly ways. Once they start, it’s usually very hard to fix things.

For one thing, women can be just too nice. You don’t want to tell a guy that he’s rude and that he’s being disrespectful of you. Worse yet, you don’t like to even admit there’s anything wrong, so you stay quiet. It’s so much better to tell him what an ass he’s being rather than let it fester.

In the beginning, couples go out all the time. Eventually, they start staying in more and more and spending quiet evenings at home having dinner and watching a movie. Don’t panic because this is normal. Relax and don’t force him into going out a lot when he doesn’t want to.


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You need to understand that you’ve got to do your own thing. Of course, when the relationship is new, you want to be together constantly. However, don’t let that keep you from spending time with your friends and family, too. He also needs to do that. It keeps your relationship from becoming suffocating.


Maybe at first, you and your boyfriend used to have sex 3 or 4 times daily but that can’t last and it shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and be ok with sex totally dwindling out of your relationship. But throwing a fit isn’t good, either. That’s not really going to make you any sexier to him. If it gets serious enough, talk about it calmly.


Just because other couples you know are constantly going out and doing exciting things and having adventures doesn’t mean that’s right for you and your boyfriend. When you start comparing your relationship with others, it only puts a damper on yours. Don’t start questioning the type of relationship you have if you’re happy in it.

Some women just need to try too hard. It’s not helpful if you suddenly start greeting him in sexy lingerie and candlelit dinners all the time. He’s going to feel the pressure of having to match your efforts. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do something nice sometimes, but you can just be normal once you’ve won each other.


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Insecurity is one of the most unattractive features that a woman can have. There’s no reason that you should have to constantly say I love you all the time to each other. Don’t force it and only say it when it feels natural. If you start asking him 20 times a day if he really loves you, he’s going to get really tired of it. Refrain from doing this because no man wants to have to be FORCED to say those words. He’ll say them when he feels them and you need to be happy with that.
Avoid those things that can destroy a perfectly great relationship and you’ll find that you’ll be a much happier person. If your on the edge and need some professional advice i urge you to take a look at this;)


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Should You Break Up

We start this new week with the article called Should You Break Up which is a legitimate question if your relation brings you more sorrow then happiness. But dont let that question rush you into deciding such a important thing to fast and get some advice from those you trust and those who know you. If you still know and feel that breaking up is the only way to go after consideration dont posthone it. Remember to have your mate with you in this process so you both have a fair chance of explaining how you feel. As your decision to get together was from both of you the decision to break up also should. Even if your mate dont agree to break up he should be given an explanation and a reason why. So i hope you will get help from this article with this tough question.

Have a great week to come!

Dick Scott

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For most people, there comes a point in a long and serious relationship where they may consider leaving their mate. When it comes to breaking or making a relationship, there really aren’t any right or wrong choices. So whatever you pick, accept now that it is an unavoidable part of life.


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If you are considering putting an end to your relationship, think about the reason why. For instance, if they cheated on you, broke a promise, or if you feel you are in love with someone else, discuss it. You may want to discuss it with a very close and reasonable friend first, but if your mate is typically calm and rational, then try to even discuss it with them. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the issue, then spend some time thinking about it by yourself and discover how it makes you feel.


If the reason is one that you can’t readily explain, then that is definitely a reason you will want to ponder a bit. Sometimes, when you aren’t really sure why you want to leave the one you’re with, it’s a lot easier to take a day to yourself and pretend to be single. Just see how it makes you feel to think of not being with them anymore. Pretend that they aren’t involved with you and that you are free and single. You should be able to learn from this method whether you would be happier to stay with them or not.


Pay close attention to the feelings you get when you are around them and with them. You should know that if you get uncomfortable from them holding or touching you, then it may be time to call it quits. The same thing could be said if you feel a great amount of happiness from the thought of being single.
It’s hard to tell sometimes if you’re truly in love with someone, or if the two of you are just a really good pair of friends. The love for friends is just as unconditional and easily mistakable for the love you may feel for a soul mate. It’s an honest mistake for many young lovers to make, which is why a lot of young people who think they fall in love these days can still remain friends. It’s because that is what they were all along.


My BannerThis doesn’t happen all the time, however, as a good deal of relationships tend to end one-sided. One person feels a lot of love and attachment for the other, but the other feels friendship. Break-ups can be resolved maturely, but most of the time they end poorly. Lots of things can be spurred on by a break-up. You can lose a few cool friends and the love and attention of any friends that are on your ex’s side, but then, you can also open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Keep in mind that there is always someone out there that can make you happy. One of the best guys to make you happy within relationship issues is without a doubt T.W.Jackson who helped over 50 000 people from 77 countries to make up instead of break up. Here is some testimonials:


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DUUDE ITS WORKING MAN. After a few weeks of being cool and ok with it, i said we should be friends, and now shes saying im going to give you another chance to get to know me, and if im paying attention to her like i said i would, then ill find the right time to ask her out… thank you!

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Planning A Beach Getaway!

Just wanted to thank you for all your help! Your book is amazing and got my man and I back together within a few weeks of reading it. Now to clarify, it had already been some time since we had even spoken to each other, and I was really starting to miss him. I read your instructions very carefully and fallowed them to the tee, and it worked! … I could not have done it without you! We are now blissfully celebrating are Birthdays together, and are even planning a beach getaway just us two.
Thank you sooooo much!!!


Accept Him As He Is

Hi my friends! Saturdays article with the short title  Accept Him As He Is has a lot important things to say about trying to change your lover. Remember that the only one you can change is yourself and even that is no easy task. More exactly what needs to be changed in any situation that you dont prefer is your mind. Everything emanates from your own mind and what you see is a reflection of the mind and your own belief system. So instead of focusing on a change focus on acceptance and love, then any change that needs to occur will manifest by itself at the right time. So lets read on and i wish you a fantastic weekend with love and understanding!

Dick Scott

gryningsljus fram

One of the worst things you can do is hook up with someone and then set about trying to change him. This usually comes about because you were attracted to certain parts of a guy such as his looks or his sense of humor or intelligence. Anything that’s not so appealing to you are things that you figure you can take care of once you’ve snagged him, and that’s something that cannot be further from the truth.

My BannerWhen you take on someone to have relationship with, you take him as he is. There’s really no other choice in the matter because any changing that you attempt to do with him is just going to push him away from you. Besides, when you’re looking for someone to love, you most likely don’t go around picking someone out because he looks good. Starting with a shell is never a good idea. You find someone that you’re drawn to for various reasons and not just because he’s hot.

In fact, the old adage of not judging a book by its cover also applies when choosing the men you like. He may look awesome on the outside but have a purely black soul on the inside. Sadly, it’s not unusual for beauty and evil to reside in the same body. So while he may have the face of an angel, that doesn’t mean he has the heart of one.


On the other hand, when you meet someone that draws your attention, take mental notes of the things you like about him. If the list is long enough, you may want to pursue this a bit. The one thing you do not want to do is go into things thinking that the few things you may not like about the guy are things that you can fix. If you’re attracted to him as he is, you’re going to have to accept the rest of him, too.

Also, consider that you’re not so perfect, either. There may be things about you that men would love to change but they don’t try because the rest of you is rather endearing. Actually, it is women that tend to try to change men more so than the other way around. Men aren’t that interested in swapping out things on their women. The exceptions would be male agents in charge of models or actresses, and then the changes are usually superficial ones.

My BannerThe point is that when you meet someone that you like, take him at face value. Don’t look at him and think instantly of all the ways that you can mold him into your perfect man. It rarely ever works out. On top of that, while you may be able to accomplish the changes you want, it’s quite possible that you’ll be the only happy one in the relationship. When men are forced to change against their will, they’re usually not very happy, and if you’re content with being happy no matter what it takes from your partner, then you’re a rather self-centered individual that needs to do some changing as well.

Thanx for reading the whole article! Some of my other blogs is below.

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Dating Techniques Or Just Be Yourself

Fridays article Dating Techniques Or Just Be Yourself will hopefully give you some good ideas. Whatever Dating Technique you use or have used it has to come naturally from who you are and express your genuine self. If your not relaxed your tension will reflect in your date and minimize your chance to another date. I think the best dating tips is to be yourself and to compliment. Just tell her or him that you feel excitement about getting to know them better. My belief is that if you got feelings about someone its most likely they got feelings for you to. So take a chance and if you are sure of your feelings dont take no as an answer. 

Have a great weekend and a great date!

Dick Scott

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard all about the dating techniques that have been studied and developed for both men and women. The creators of these techniques swear that they work like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They say that if you really want to get the person of your dreams, all you have to do is follow these techniques and you’ll have him before you know it. While that may be true up to a point, there’s a bit of a problem with that situation.

When you use dating techniques to land someone, do you plan to go on using them to keep that person? You must admit that these techniques have been formulated for the express purpose of getting the interest of someone you’re attracted to. Most of these techniques don’t show the true personality of the person using them. They may be effective in landing that guy to date, but they’re fake. In other words, you’re doing things that exhibit nothing of the real you. When you win someone through the use of techniques, you run the risk of that person no longer being interested in you when he discovers that you’re not who he thought you were.


Something else to consider is that someone that would fall for these dating techniques may not be a person you want to get to know further, anyway. The reason for that is he may not have realized that these are, indeed, techniques and show him nothing of the person you really are. Wouldn’t you rather have someone in your life that’s smarter than that?


Now, when it comes to you simply being yourself when you’re on the prowl for a new dating companion or possibly a potential relationship, this person will get to know the person you really are. There will be no game playing and nothing that you’ll have to hide forever. Things start out on an even playing field and you can relax into the relationship rather than continuing to lie about what and who you really are.

Of course, if you happen to be someone with some bad habits or things that aren’t so desirable, you’ll probably want to think about making some changes. For instance, people expect other people, especially the ones they’ll be dating, to have decent hygiene. Therefore, if it’s your practice to rarely brush your teeth or neglect deodorant, those are things that will be noticed. So if you’re just brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant as part of some dating techniques, you’ll find that you need to keep doing it once you’ve landed this guy. If you don’t, he won’t be staying long enough for you to even introduce him to your family.

These are things to think about seriously when you’re heading out to the dating arena. Should you use the dating techniques or should you just be yourself? There’s also another choice. It’s possible to mix some dating techniques in with your real personality. That may actually be the best idea of them all! I also copied one of the testimonials regarding Dates that readers of The Magic of Making Up have sent! You can read it below this article.


Thanx for reading! Light&Love 2 You!!

Dick Scott

Dating Again!


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Dinner Dates

Todays article Dinner Dates gives some great tips on dinner dating and why not invite to a date at your home. It will both be much more personal and also cheaper. You also will have the opportunity to show more of who you are and how you live. So make a great dinner with romantic music and a lot of candles and im sure it will be appreciated.

Good luck with your date and have a great wednesday!

Dick Scott

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In times like these where so many people are losing their jobs due to the downward spiral of the economy, dating can become a real challenge. Even dinner dates at places like McDonald’s can be difficult to manage. That’s why it’s a tossup of whether you should have dinner out or do the cooking at home.
Consider the price of a dinner out. If you go to a nice restaurant that serves excellent food, you’ll probably do well to get out for $30 to $35. Then you need to include the tip if your server has been very attentive and provided great service. Next, you should add in the amount of fuel you used for your car. With the prices of gas these days, it can add on another $10. For couples without children, it may end at this point. If a babysitter is needed, add on another $25 – $30, depending on how late you were gone. The overall cost of that dinner out can easily reach the $100 mark before the night is over.

Now, compare that with the price of a romantic dinner that you either cook or order in. Starting with take out, you save money instantly by picking it up yourself because you don’t have to tip anyone for service. Also, many restaurants that offer takeout orders will have specials that apply only to orders that are picked up by the customer. So you may even save more money. Your beverages will also be less expensive. That part is true even if you decide to buy food at the grocery store to cook yourself.

dinner date

Shopping and doing your own cooking can really save some money. You can find a special on two steaks; add a couple of potatoes and a bagged salad that you can spruce up a bit. Throw in some dinner rolls and you’re good to go. In fact, you’ve probably got enough money left to spring for dessert. Once you’ve set the table with candles and turned on some romantic music, the ambience is also going to be much better. You won’t have lots of people talking loudly around you, or couples with several noisy children disrupting your meal, and that can mean a lot.

The thing is that while you spent nearly $100 on a nice dinner out, and it may have been wonderful, you could have had just as nice a time staying at home. Your meal would have been just as tasty and you could have spent a nice, quiet, romantic evening together; just the two of you. As for the kids, you wouldn’t need a babysitter because you will have them in bed and sleeping before your evening begins. If you’re lucky, you may even have in-laws or great friends that love to babysit your kids and they won’t charge you a dime.
In addition, the only gas you’ve spent is on your shopping trip to the store, and that was probably something you had to do anyway. So all in all, you’ll save a great deal of money if you choose to have your romantic dinner at home.

However, in the event of a truly special occasion, you may want to just throw caution to the wind and let someone else do the waiting on you for the night.

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Spice Up Your Relationship With Role Playing

So now its monday and the weeks are rushing by so fast so its soon friday again;) Todays article Spice Up Your Relationship With Role Playing is about putting some excitement back into your relationship. Infact im to shy to comment the article;) so for those of you who are brave, read on;))

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There’s no getting around the fact that after a couple has been together for a long time the sex can become routine and even boring. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other, either. At first, everything is new and exciting, but after a few years of being only with each other, the excitement can start dying down. For some couples, it happens more quickly than for others, but it’s going to happen at some point.

Lots of couples do things such as going on second honeymoons. This allows them to have some quality time together without kids or pets around. They can use this time together to reconnect and remember how it felt in the beginning. Second honeymoons are a great idea except for a couple of things. One is that they cost money whether you’re jetting off to Hawaii or just heading around the corner to the local Days Inn for the weekend. Not everyone has the money or the time to do this. The other problem is that the bloom once again fades from the rose within a very short time of returning to “real life.” That’s why the couples that can manage it plan at least one trip away together each year.
There’s another way to spice things up sexually without having to spend a lot of money or even leave your own home. In addition, it’s something that you can do any time you want. It’s called role playing. You’ve probably heard the term before in some context but may not completely understand how it can factor into saving your relationship.


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It’s actually quite simple. Everyone has fantasies when it comes to sex. These are the mind games that really turn a person on and may even be played out mentally when engaging in sex. What you’re doing with role playing is bringing these fantasies out in the open; at least between the two of you. The beginning of this is going to require some honest and open talking between you and your partner because that’s the only way to find out the fantasies each of you has.
Now, the next part is actually lots of fun. You can either surprise your partner or the two of you can plan something together, or mix it up a little. Either way, you’ll be role playing the fantasy that one of you has. Be specific when talking out your fantasies so that you’ll both know what elements are considered vital for it to work.

Keep in mind that this isn’t something you must do every night of the week or even every time you have sex, unless the two of you want that. If your lives are really busy, pencil in that one night a week that belongs only to you, your partner and your fantasies. Be creative when arranging these special nights. Once you get started with it, you’ll find that the spark will leap right back into the physical part of your relationship. Each time will be like the first time all over again.


Congratulations for reading through it all; i hope it will help you spice up your –xlife and take your relationship to the next level. For those of you who still seek a partner there will be more articles about dating to come. And remember whatever we want and dream of can become true if  we are focused and never give up!;) 


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