Write A Love Note To Keep Love Fresh

Henry wasn’t much of a communicator.  He expressed his love by doing things.  It would take him two months to work up to ‘I love you‘ but he would clean a woman’s gutters after a second date.

But when he fell in love with Sarah, he felt like he needed to really express himself.

On several occasions, he tried to put things into words, but his verbalization’s weren’t working.

So, despite the fact that he wasn’t all that comfortable writing, he took a stab at a love note.  He gave himself plenty of time and worked on it for over a week.  When he finally had the words just right, he copied them onto nice paper, rolled up the note and stuck it in a bottle.

When Sarah received the note she felt that it was the greatest gift anyone had ever given her.  Because it was out of character, because it was hard for him, she valued it always.

You don’t have to be J.K. Rawlings to write a love note.  But if you do, it will be more valuable to your partner than Harry Potter was to Ms. Rawlings.

In these days of email and instant messaging, writing a love note by hand is one of the most romantic things you can do.  Write a short note about ‘what I like about you.’  Write a poem (it doesn’t have to rhyme).  Or, pour your heart out over several pages.  These notes will be saved and cherished for a long time.

We Are Getting Back Together Again

If you have any artistic sense, adding a drawing or sketch is a nice touch.

But, the point here isn’t so much about writing skill or artistry as sincerity.  Write a sweet sentiment from your heart.  Write something gentle and touching.  And, try not to make it sexually graphic.  This is about romance not sex.

It’s a good idea to buy a nice sheet of paper to write the note on.  It makes it clear that you are making an effort.  Don’t type your note.  If your handwriting is lousy, it’s okay to print.  Write in ink – pencil fades and he or she will want to keep this love note for a long time.

You may want to consider writing the letter out first and then transferring it to your nice paper.  Try not to misspell too much and make sure your note is legible.  You’re not looking to score points with an English teacher, but you also don’t want the mechanics to get in the way of the message.

Finally, make sure that your love note doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  Consider leaving it on his or her pillow or someplace else where no one else will look.  Remember also that X-rated notes may come back to haunt you – make it a love not a smut note.

Don’t send a romantic note to their work place because a colleague is apt to discover it.

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A Lovers Eye

A Tear

Could Be As Beautiful

As The Sky

When It Falls

From A Lovers Eye


Still Remember


Still Remember Those Nights We Were Lovers

Still Can Feel Those Days You Still Cared

Still Believe That If I Once Again Saw You

My Heart Will Be Yours Once And For All


Kinds of Break Ups

You don’t love her, she doesn’t love you. This is perhaps the easiest relationship to break off. Perhaps you haven’t been together long or alternatively, you’ve drifted so far apart that you don’t even remember what brought you together in the first place. In any case, while the
“encounter” of breaking up may be difficult, you’ll both heal quickly.

You don’t love her, she loves you. When you have fallen out of love with your girlfriend, but she passionately loves you, breaking up is hard. This really is a case of “it’s not you, it’s me.”
But, that message is hard to convey in anything less than a trite way. You have to break up so that both of you can move on. Remember, it is better to set her free to find someone who can love her like she deserves.

You love her, she doesn’t love you. This is the so-called “defensive break up.” She may be sticking around for any number of reasons, but she doesn’t love you any more. You owe it to yourself to find someone who can care about you like you deserve.

You love her, she loves you, it wasn’t meant to be. This is the hardest kind of break up. You both love each other, but something – religion, family, timing, you name it – is standing in your
way. You have to be honest. Continuing the relationship is futile. You are both better off ending the relationship now rather than getting deeper when the relationship can never end in

Ways to Prepare Her for the Break Up

You don’t have to rush into a break up just because you have decided to call it off. Giving her some time to get used to the idea can be the nicest thing you do for her.

For instance, you can stop having as much time for her. This will push her into finding ways to spend her time without you. She will also start to look at other guys as they are filling the attention void you leave open.

You can also stop catering to her needs. If you dress a certain way to please her or modify your driving style when she is with you, you should start doing what you please. This will make you less attractive to her.

There are some juvenile tricks that can be employed as well:

* Let yourself go – she’ll wonder why she ever wanted you!
* Be a bad date – she’ll start looking at other guys with envy.
* Compare her to her mother – that is sure to make her mad at you and prepare her for what is coming.

You should also try to prepare her by bringing up the subject of breaking up. You can pull a trick out of the girlfriend bag and ask to have a “relationship talk,” (“where do you think this relationship is going…”) Ask her where she thinks the relationship is going and if she sees it as a good thing.

These things will help her mentally prepare for the break up. Who knows, maybe she’ll even go as far as initiating the break up herself; saving you the trouble.
Ps. If you are sure dont wait with breaking up but do it nicely and always leave the door open for something better to happen, maybe a reunion or a new love. Discover the magic second chance letter.