Solblänkta Vidder

Himlen är mitt tak~~

Jorden mitt golv~~

Sjön är min spegel~~

Vinden min sång~~

Vilar så stilla~~

I solblänkta vidder~~

Lyssnar till stillheten~~


I Grönskans Rike

Bäcken porlar~~

Bland ståtliga stammar~~

I grönskans rike~~

Finns trygga hamnar~~

Solen stiger~~

På molnfri himmel~~

Göken kallar~~

I försommarnatt~~


River Deep

Sitting by the river~~

Close to the fireside~~

Listening to the wind~~

Thinking of you~~

Mountains high~~

River deep~~

Wild nature~~

Feelings of peace~~


Our True Spirit

Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on

Sometimes we all need a helping hand

The darkness can scare but also unfold us

So lets believe in love and forget the past

See our true spirit rise at last


Tears of Love

I can still feel the magic
Of your soft tender touch
I can still hear your voice
Calling my name
I can still see the signs
From a long time ago
Through the tears in my eyes
Tears of love
Falling again
One by one

Tears of love

Watch the Sky

So wonderful to watch the sky~~
When dawn is changing to twilight~~
When the sun cover our soared souls~~
As we lay down to rest~~

Happy New Year

 Catch the moments~~

   Follow your dreams~~  


 Aint like it seems~~  

Theres endless love~~

Waiting for you~~

Every dream you got~~  

Is meant to come true~~  

DickScott© 2016