Cherish this moment

Every star
Are meant
To shine on your path
Every tear
Will be wiped away
Your wings are unfolding
Your power are unbroken
Stay in this moment
Cherish this day

DickScott 21/9 2018


2 thoughts on “Cherish this moment

  1. Hello Dick! I just found your work as I was searching for a Nice Autumn poem to use in a Autumn tribute YouTube video. I found one that I can’t see the title on, But that you have in your Skymningsljus collection. So now I Wonder if I can translate this into English and use it? Or perhaps you already have an English version of it. You will of course be credited. Also I can add a link to your work if you like. Hope to heat from you, and you can find my work here:
    Best regards from Kristin


    1. Thanx Kristin🙏it would be Great to contribute to your you tube video🙂 which poem is is, i can translate it or you can send me your translation so i can read it👍Merry Christmas to you and a blessed and happy new year to come⭐ Best Regards Dick Scott


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