Looking for peace

Searched for hapiness

Looking for peace

Dived into the ocean

Sailed across the sea

Counting on luck

Rolled the dize

Walked in a shadow

Stumbled through lies

Never felt lonely

Meant to be free

Unfolding my wings

No mountains to high

No rivers to deep


Never forget

Never forget

How awesome you are

Beautiful as the rainbow

Brighter then the stars

Always remember

The spirit inside

With unbroken force

Your true guide



Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on
Sometimes we all need a helping hand
The darkness can scare but also unfold us
So lets believe in love and forget the past
See our true spirit rise at last

Winter sky

The sun is rising through the winter sky again
Like the spirit of love it will always remain
No darkness or fear can hide the light
The chains are broken
The truth has exposed the lies
DickScott 2021

Stilla ditt sinne

Önskar er alla en fin 4 Advent med denna nyskrivna dikt.

Stilla ditt sinne

Vila din själ

Du har allt du behöver

Du duger som du är

Öppna ditt hjärta 

Mirakel kan ske

Du rymmer himmel och jord

Stjärnorna tänds

När du ler

DickScott 2020

Wind of Silence…

Wind of Silence…

Listen to the wind of silence~~

Follow your deepest beliefs~~

Your great your worthy~~

Of so much more~~

then your eyes can see~~