Watch the Sky

So wonderful to watch the sky~~
When dawn is changing to twilight~~
When the sun cover our soared souls~~
As we lay down to rest~~

Happy New Year

 Catch the moments~~

   Follow your dreams~~  


 Aint like it seems~~  

Theres endless love~~

Waiting for you~~

Every dream you got~~  

Is meant to come true~~  

DickScott© 2016


Heaven is here

There was an angel so close~~
I did not see~~
Wispered my name~~
Cared for me~~
Now its time~~
To understand~~
That heaven is here~~
In you and me~~



Your True Light

Dont be a prisoner or a guide~~

In this world of confusion~~

Look inside~~

Your true light~~

Are the magic~~

That will bring reality and life~~

Out of illusions and broken dreams~~


The greatest treasure

Angel Wings

Has someone told you that you are perfect~~

Has someone told you that you are great~~

Has someone told you not to worry~~

Never doubt or hesitate~~

My precious and beloved~~

My child my everything~~

Blessed and protected~~

Carried on angel wings~~



Depression and Spiritual Awakening

Source: Depression and Spiritual Awakening