A Tear

Here’s a poem from my coming book called Universal Love with 100 english poems 🙂

A tear
Could be as beautiful
As the sky
When it falls
From a lover’s


Behind the veil


Take me home to where I used to be~~

Where the rivers flow and life is free~~

Let me feel like I used to feel~~

See behind the worlds insanity~~

Theres a light~~

Stronger then any darkness~~

Theres love~~

That can heal every sickness~~

Theres truth~~

Behind the veil~~

We are carried and cared for~~

Even if we fail~~





Hold your head high and believe~~
Theres always a new blessing for you to receive~~
Your never forgotten~~
Your never alone~~
The stars in the sky~~
Speaks to your soul~~





On the outside

On the outside looking in~~
We got it all~~
We are borned to win~~
Our treasure~~
Is deep inside~~
Within our heart~~
Is all to find~~


With No Names

Through fire and flames~~
We travelled with no names~~
Over rivers and seas~~
We came to this world of diversity~~



Let your light shine

Let your light shine~~

Be proud of who you are~~

We are all needed~~

With our own unique personality~~

In this beautiful world of diversity~~


Let your light shine
Let your light shine

Rainbow Child

I came to discover~~

The secret treasure~~

Follow the path~~

To the hidden rainbow~~

Uncover the magic~~

Unknown to man~~

It took me some time~~

To learn my lesson~~

That blinded eyes~~

Where borned to see~~

This holy mission~~

I shared with none~~

Although i felt~~

Alone at times~~

The final journey~~

When the winds where calling~~

You stood beside me~~

I held your hand~~

Beside the river~~

Over the mountains~~

The eagle soared~~

Beneth the sky~~

We all got wings~~

Most wont use them~~

We all need a vision~~

To keep us through~~

Our mother earth~~

Wont last forever~~

She need her kids~~

To understand~~

To call our father~~

The great spirit~~

Who will heal her wounds~~

And bless our hearts~~

A messenger~~

Borned to see~~

The truth in life~~

Is Unity~~

DickScott© 2015