Why do men leave relationships?



A new week with new possibilities. Todays article Why do men leave relationships? is also the other way around in my opinion. Because some of the reasons applies to both men and women. I started thinking of one thing related to the headline: some men and women do leave the relationship while still in it by not being present mentally and emotionally and that is even worse.  So be there for eachother in mind heart and soul while you still are together. 

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After a breakup, women are often left emotionally shattered and heartbroken because they simply do not understand why the man they had been dating could just leave. To get a better understanding of why men leave relationships, take the following reasons into consideration.

– Communication: Proper and healthy communication is essential to any successful relationship. It is important to keep in mind that communication isn’t just small talk at the end of the day, it is how the two of you interact, which even includes nonverbal communication.

Many men choose to leave a relationship because they feel there is no good, quality communication. A lack of communication or its poor quality can leave a man feeling a bit of discomfort. He may feel like the two of you no longer share much affection. Men need solid communication both verbal and nonverbal to remain satisfied in their relationship.

– Conversations and Interests: When a relationship first begins, the two of you are in the exciting phase of just getting to know each other. You begin to learn some of the small details about one another and that slowly evolves into a relationship.

But the truth of that matter is that these beginning butterflies that men feel during the kick off of a relationship usually go away as time proceeds. Most of the time it is nothing personal, it’s just the way he feels.

To keep this from happening women should not spill their whole life story right away – they should keep him intrigued by slowing letting them into their lives.

Interests are also important to men. If a woman does not share his same interests or shows no care in the world about his, that can be a major turn off for them.

Women should not be afraid to try new things, even if it means hopping on his surfboard or playing a couple hours of video games. A little bit of passion and interest goes a long way during a relationship.


– Friendship: Men like to feel as if their girlfriend is just that – their girlfriend. A certain chemistry occurs when a man likes a girl but sometimes that chemistry does not happen, so he may like her, but strictly as a friend, nothing intimate. If men look at their girlfriend more along the lines of a ‘football buddy’ or just a friend, he may begin to look for a way out.

– Trust: Men need to feel as if they are trusted and they need to be able to trust who they are dating. If he feels he can not trust his girlfriend, or the other way around, there is no way the relationship is going to work out. After all, most successful relationships are built on the foundation of trust.

– Praise: Men like attention, especially from their girlfriends. Simple and small forms of attention such as the touch of their upper arm or a sprinkling of compliments here and there shows a man that their girlfriend cares.

If they are not getting the praise or attention they need, they may feel unappreciated which could lead to feelings of frustration and overall disappointment in a relationship.

– Suffocation: Sometimes men leave a relationship simply because they feel suffocated. No man appreciates a girlfriend who is texting them every second of the day and bombarding them everywhere they go – Remember, men need space. Don’t forget to give him some. Watch this video by clicking on the banner below and you will get even more tips.

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