3 Things You Should Tell Your Husband Often


I can really relate to one thing in todays article 3 Things You Should Tell Your Husband Oftenthat I am not much of a talker. I dont know if im wrong but i think that women generally speaks more then men do. That may cause troubles in the relation because communication is of great importance. I also think this article tips is essential for both men and women. We really have to give our partner signs of our love and commitment on a dalily basis to keep the love alive. 

Love and light



Your husband is probably not much of a talker. Most men aren’t. It’s the one common complaint women have about them. They don’t talk about how they feel. Sometimes, women take that to mean they have a different emotional depth than women do. The truth of the matter is that men do feel things. In some ways, men feel even more deeply than women who wear their emotions on their sleeves quite often.

Because they don’t talk about their feelings, though, women often feel like it’s a waste of breath to discuss how they feel about their husbands with their husbands. Unfortunately, their husbands need to hear these words of affirmation. These are three of the things your husband NEEDS to hear from you as often as possible.

1) How Much You Respect Him – Respect is important to your husband. He may never demand it. He’ll almost certainly never ask for it. But, it means a lot to him. Of all the people in the world, he wants your respect the most — and that’s something he may never even admit to himself. Let him know that you respect him and make sure you tell him WHY you respect him while you’re at it.


2) That You Still Find Him Attractive – No matter how many years you’ve been together he still needs hear that you still believe he’s the most handsome man on the planet. He needs to know that you only have eyes for him. Most importantly of all, he needs to feel like you mean it when you say these things.

3) How Much You Love the Way He Makes You Feel – Think about all the little things your husband does for you – to protect you, to make you happy, and to keep you safe. He’s trying to take care of you. He’s showing you how he feels by doing those things and this should make you FEEL cherished, loved, and even adored by him. Let him know that he does make you feel all these things and more.

Bonus – Actions speak louder than words any day of the week. Telling him how you feel is great. It will mean a lot to him. However, if you combine the telling of these things with actions that reinforce the message you’re trying to convey it will be much clearer for him. Acts can be touching him, rubbing his shoulders, scratching his back, making his favorite meal, or going out of your way to make the house look extra nice and tidy. Whatever it is that pleases him most – after all, you know him best.

You don’t have to buy expensive gifts to make your guy feel loved and appreciated by you. Simple gestures sometimes get the greatest mileage. But, when you tell your husband these things often, you’ll have a happier, healthier marriage in a home that’s filled with love and affection.

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