Helping a Child Lose Weight – Ways to Encourage Rather Than Tear Down

In today’s modern society technology has transformed all of our lives.  Unfortunately the effects of technology are not always beneficial.  For example children today tend to spend far more time indoors than they would have a few generations ago, largely due to the various forms of electronic entertainment available to them.  Instead of running around and playing with friends outside, many children now spend countless hours playing video games.  This increased level of inactivity is obviously a big part of why there are so many children who now find themselves overweight.  Helping a child lose weight is not as simple as you might think.  Much like an adult, a child who has become overweight will need to make changes to their lifestyle in order to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.  These changes will likely include increasing their activity, and modifying their diet.  With significant changes likely necessary for a child to successfully lose weight, it can be a difficult time for them.  It’s important to remember when helping a child lose weight that you need to be patient and understanding.

Obviously getting children to quit playing video games or spending time online will be next to impossible.  Instead of trying to eliminate what you consider to be a bad influence, you should try to encourage them to spend more time doing healthy activities.  Why not take a trip to the park or go for a ride together on bikes? Why not play catch outside or take your dogs for a walk? By providing alternatives to video games and television that are fun you can increase the chances that your child will be more receptive to change.  Another important thing to consider when helping a child lose weight it their diet.  Once again it’s going to be impossible to cut out all of their sweets and other unhealthy foods.  Instead of trying to force a healthy diet upon them, you can look for healthy foods that they enjoy.  Offer them the option of having fresh fruit as a snack.  Substitute the whole or 2% milk in your refrigerator for skim or 1% milk.  By providing your child with options instead of trying to force them to eat healthy, you can increase the chances that they will improve their eating habits.

The key to helping a child lose weight is learning to effectively communicate with your child, and finding middle ground.
 Ps. This is a useful link for more information about health issues for kids

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